Immunizations and Your Child

Vaccines are an important part of a healthy childhood. Vaccines help protect both your child – as well as others who may not be able to receive vaccinations – from potentially deadly diseases.

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Here at Cherry Creek Pediatrics, we strongly recommend vaccinating your child according to the immunization schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC. Learn more at: .

Why do babies need so many shots?
In their first year, babies get vaccinated against 14 diseases.  That is a lot, but that's a good thing!  The reason we immunize so early is because babies are much more likely to have severe complications (and even die) from vaccine-preventable diseases than older children.  The sooner we vaccinate your baby, the sooner you can feel comfortable taking him or her places.  It's important to remember that while we often don't see diseases like rubella, measles or polio in our daily lives, those diseases are just a plane ride away.  And more common vaccine-preventable diseases, like influenza or whooping cough, can be a grocery-store run away.  It's all about protecting your sweet baby from whomever or whatever they may encounter as early as possible.

Should I spread out the vaccines my child needs?
We strongly recommend vaccinating your child according to the CDC schedule. Why? Choosing to delay one or more vaccines will leave your child at risk for disease for longer than necessary and during critical times.  For example, like when they begin interacting with more family members, start daycare or go to kindergarten. Learn more at: .


We encourage you to learn more!

We know there is A LOT of information on the Internet about childhood vaccines.  To make it easy on you to know you are accessing reputable, evidence-based online resources, here are some of the best websites on the topic.  These are websites that we trust to provide reliable, up-to-date information regarding immunizations your child needs:


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